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Italian Society in Focus

My article for Nouse...
The Italian Society is a relatively young society, born in 2009. However, despite its tender age, it already has 124 likes on its facebook page and is set to get even bigger this year. The society’s main focus is to promote all the traditional Italian fortes- football, cinema, food and of course socials!
Termly football tournaments will be organised by the sport reps in collaboration with other international societies and hopefully with the support of ISA and the YorkSport Committee.
We are also going to continue with a weekly showing of an Italian movie with English subtitles – hopefully including a mixture of classical masterpieces and some more modern light hearted comedies – preceded by a little refreshment (snacks, Italian wine and Nutella!) If you’d like to get involved there’s a survey on our Facebook page to help choose films with our next showing likely to be ‘Roman Holiday’ with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck- since this year is its 60th anniversary!
As well as exciting social events, the society has organised Italian lessons which are cheaper and more informal than LFA. It’s a great way to learn from scratch the language considered by many as ‘the most beautiful and seductive in the world’.
The society is always open to trying new events as well. This year we hope to organise political debates, open to all, to discuss the controversial political situation in Italy at the moment. Not only would this be a great way to uncover problems within the country but it would also give non-Italians a chance to further understand Italian politics.
Of all the events the most successful so far has been the cookery classes. We are going to organise at least two cookery classes per term, alternating a savoury dish with a dessert plate in order to cover all the typical original Italian recipes –pizza, gnocchi, tiramisù, lasagna etc. And at the end of the class we will enjoy our meal all together! However, we need to be careful not to spread our secrets too much to win the Fiesta – the International culinary competition.
Last but not least, we want to confirm our reputation of being cheerful and eager to have fun through social events such as aperitivi –we have already organized one-, dinner in Italian restaurants and big nights out with all the other mediterranean societies… ‘La classe non è acqua’! (Class will out).
Check out Italian Society’s Facebook pagegroup and Twitter for more up to date information.

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